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Revealed: The ‘Insider’s Playbook’ To Unlocking Facebook For Unlimited Targeted Traffic.



TARGETED traffic that converts is the lifeblood to your online business.

The more targeted your traffic, the more likely your traffic is to convert…

Targeted Traffic VS.
Un-Targeted Traffic…


Targeted Traffic Example:

You’re selling an ebook that teaches people how to potty train their young children…

Who would be interested in buying this?

Young parents… probably moms, right?

So, if you can get an ad in front a bunch of young moms with toddlers that are potty training age, you’re very likely to get clicks and conversions.

Un-Targeted Traffic Example:

Let’s use the same product… An ebook that teaches people how to potty train their young children…

If you put these ads in front of a group of just women, it’s VERY un-targeted.

Sure, there may be some women in that group that fit your target market, but not all of them will have children in the potty training age group…

This means your clicks and conversions will be much lower… increasing your ad spend and reducing the amount of traffic that you get.

Targeted Traffic IS The
Key To Success…

But let’s face it…

Traffic sources these days are a dime a dozen.

There are a lot of places where you can find traffic… some of them are even pretty inexpensive, but if it doesn’t convert, who cares how cheap it is…

It won’t make you any money if you can’t get clicks and conversions.

“Hold on a second here…” you may be thinking…

“It sounds like you’re talking about paid traffic… What about FREE traffic sources?”

Free VS Paid Traffic…

Although there are several ways to generate free traffic online, there are BIG problems with FREE traffic…

  1. It’s hard to find targeted sources of free traffic
  2. It can take a lot of work to get a free traffic source working
  3. It can take a lot of TIME before you have enough traffic to see meaningful stats and results


Why Paid Traffic Is Much Better…


Paid traffic, done correctly, is far superior to free traffic…

  • You can start seeing traffic flowing within minutes
  • It’s easier to find targeted traffic sources
  • You can see what’s working and what’s not without putting in a lot of effort and time
  • You can begin to profit within days or even hours in some cases… NOT weeks or months!
  • Once you have a WINNER, it’s easy to scale it up to as BIG as you want… hundreds and even thousands of dollars per day in profit is VERY possible…

Why Facebook Advertising Is The Answer…

  • An almost UNLIMITED Traffic Source – Facebook is THE LARGEST social media site online today with 1.44 BILLION monthly active users… at least 72% of Facebook users check in every month and 936 million users check in on a daily basis.
  • An ENGAGED Audience – The Facebook audience is EXTREMELY engaged with an average visit length of 21 minutes.
  • Hundreds of TARGETING Options – When you look at the Facebook ad platform, it enables you to target your ideal customer better than any other advertising platform online… The more targeted your ads, the better your conversions will be.
  • INEXPENSIVE to get started – You can begin running ads on Facebook for as little as $5
  • INSTANT traffic – No more waiting days or weeks for traffic… Facebook ads start running within as little as a few minutes of being created – This means you can start testing and even making sales the SAME DAY you get started…

It sounds great, right?
Unfortunately, there is a problem…


Although Facebook is arguably one of the best traffic sources available for marketing online today, the “devil is in the details.”

It you don’t know what you’re doing or have the right guidance, it’s easy to do things wrong and not see the type of results that you want…

Some marketers even LOSE money because they try to “wing it” with Facebook ads…


Unlocking The Secret To
Facebook Marketing…


It’s obvious there is a HUGE opportunity to profit with Facebook…

…if you have the keys to success with Facebook…

That’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step, easy-to-follow course that will walk you through every step of advertising effectively on Facebook…

Inside this easy-to-follow course, you’re going to learn…

  • Why Facebook is the BEST place to advertise online today
  • How to create your very first Facebook ad within minutes… even if you’ve never advertised online before
  • How to find and select images that are guaranteed to convert and generate results
  • The easy way to write ad copy that works even if you’re not a writer… when you follow the formula inside the course, you’ll get more clicks and more conversions… guaranteed!
  • How to take advantage of the various Facebook targeting options to lower your ad spend and increase your profits on ANY campaign
  • The rarely used Facebook ads feature that puts your list-building on steroids and can lower your ad spend to as little as a few cents per click…
  • How to create your first Facebook page in just minutes…
  • The 5 ‘Top Tips’ that every Facebook marketer should be following if they want to see the best results and avoid losing campaigns…
  • The little-known 3rd party tool that can help your content go viral and generate hordes of FREE Facebook likes and traffic…

The easy way to analyze, test, and tweak your ads to squeak out the lowest ad spend possible and the highest profits from EVERY campaign…

Course Curriculum

Facebook Marketing Excellence – Introduction Details 00:04:00
What you should know
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Advertising In Facebook Details 00:10:00
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Facebook Advertising vs Google Adwords Details 00:05:00
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Type of Ads Details 00:09:00
How to advertise on Facebook
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Creating a Facebook Page Details 00:07:00
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Creating a Facebook Ad Part 1 Details 00:24:00
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Creating a Facebook Ad Part 2 Details 00:11:00
Ensuring SUCCESS
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Test, Tweaking & Measuring Your Ad Details 00:04:00
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Top Tips for Effective Facebook Ads Details 00:09:00
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Summary Details 00:02:00
Facebook Marketing Excellence – Quiz 00:30:00

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  1. 5

    Lots of insightful points to try out. Thank you for this course.

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    I cannot explain how much this has helped me. It’s given me the necessary skills and knowledge to really turn my ideas into actions and I cannot wait to get started.

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    There is a lot of valuable information on this course, especially when you are a beginner like me, it’s always good to have some directions! Thanks for making​ this material available!

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    More than expected. Very good. Well explained, reinforced my initial ideas and taught me others. Detailed, informative, useful and relevant.

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    Good material. I learned a lot through the videos and from the supply material

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    Wowwww…love it, love it, love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. High performance, great secrets that I need months to discover and may not discover it all. You gave all the steps, I mean allll the steps needed ( from A to Z) and I stayed excited to the end. Honest, straight forward, and most of all greatly helpful. God bless you.

  7. 5

    This was such a professionally done course. I thought the information was so well organized and delivered, which allowed me to take great notes that I can now execute on.

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